Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Jessi Chrapko awarded Grand Champion at Chinook Country Summer Dressage Show

Photos provided by Jessi Chrapko

Toni Lucas

Pincher Creek's Jessi Chrapko earned Grand Champion with her horse Hermes at the Chinook Country Alberta Dressage Association Summer Dressage Show in the Claresholm Agriplex June 12-14.  It was a National Competition Gold Level Equine Canada Show.  "We did very well.  Hermes and I won Grand Champion for Second Level Open Division.  It was very exciting to win that, together."  Hermes is a 12 year old Canadian Warmblood.  "He came from Arizona and we've been a team for two years now.  He is an extremely smart and talented athlete, and I'm excited to progress through the levels of Dressage with him."

"Mostly with him I'm focusing on moving up the levels in dressage."  She has been working with Hermes to try and improve their skills, communication, and trust levels.  "Our partnership has become quite a bit stronger and I think that made a really big difference in our show."  Chrapko is Canada's youngest Triple Certified Gold Equine Trainer and a judge as well and finds this helps her in the ring.  "It makes me much more critical of myself now."

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