Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Mayor Anderberg kicks off Seniors' Week with a visit to Crestview Lodge

Mayor Don Anderberg at Crestview Lodge

Chris Davis

Pincher Creek Mayor Don Anderberg visited Crestview Lodge on Monday, June 1 on the occasion of the beginning of Seniors' Week, which runs June 1-7 this year.

"I'm going to have to start by saying I'm going join the ranks of the seniors, quote unquote, pretty soon," said Mayor Anderberg.  "We appreciate all the service that you people have given to the community over the years.  Some of you are from the MD, some of you are from the town, and even some people that have moved here from other places.  You've served in many capacities over the years, in service clubs or perhaps on councils, and been involved with many projects, and we thank you for that.  You continue to serve the community in a lot of different ways including mentorship, and I sit down and talk to a few of you from time to time and I get some advice even, and I need it."

Some Crestview residents are signed up for a Seniors Conference, and the monthly Seniors Luncheon at Crestview will held early this month, on Friday June 5, at noon.  Ice cream will be enjoyed (weather permitting) in Tranquility Park behind Crestview Lodge at 3:00 pm the same day.  Th public is invited to both events.

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