Thursday, June 11, 2015

Minor injuries in vehicle rollover east of Pincher Creek

Rollover east of Pincher Creek
C. Davis photos

Chris Davis

Pincher Creek RCMP and Pincher Creek Emergency Services (PCES) responded just after 4:00 pm today to a single vehicle rollover approximately 5 km east of Pincher Creek on Highway 507.

Two occupants of the car were transported to Pincher Creek Health Centre with minor injuries, including the 24 year old driver.  According to Pincher Creek RCMP, the vehicle clipped the edge of a bridge and then rolled into the field south of the highway. The vehicle came to rest on its roof.

PCES was on scene for approximately half an hour. RCMP members investigating the incident remained on scene longer.  No charges are pending in the incident.

The vehicle appears to be a write off.  When questioned as to how such a serious looking accident could result in only minor injuries, Deputy Chief Neumann commented that it was a testament to the quality of modern vehicles that the vehicle could be destroyed and "at the end of the day people walk away".

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