Monday, June 22, 2015

PCES responds to 5 incidents from June 16 - 21, including 1 fatality

Toni Lucas

Pincher Creek Emergency Services (PCES) responded to five incidents from June 16 - 21.

On Tuesday, June 16 a man was bucked off of or kicked by a horse at Pincher Creek Hutterite Colony. PCES responded with Rescue and ambulance services. The man was taken to Pincher Creek Hospital and STARS responded at approximately 9:30 pm to transport him to Calgary. His injuries turned out to be fatal.

On Wednesday, June 17, at approximately 11:00 pm PCES responded to single vehicle rollover on Highway 505 approximately 3 miles from the Waterton Dam. Two people were transported to hospital in Pincher Creek with undetermined injuries. PCES responded with Rescue, Engine 11, and two ambulances.

On Friday, June 19 at approximately 6:00 pm there was a single motor vehicle accident in the Twin Butte area on Highway 6. One person was assessed and released on scene. PCES responded with Rescue and an ambulance.

On Saturday, June 20 there was a single vehicle rollover reported at approximately 5:00 pm on Highway 505, approximately 4 miles west of the Waterton Dam. There was a cooperative response from both PCES and Cardston Emergency Services to the scene. Two people were transported by ambulance to Pincher Creek Hospital, and an unknown (unreported to us) number were transported to Cardston.
On Sunday, June 21 at 5:22 pm PCES responded to a gas leak report approximately three miles east of Pincher Creek. Crews isolated the area until the gas department could repair the situation. There were no injuries or damages.

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