Thursday, June 11, 2015

Pincher Creek's U18 soccer team finishes regular season with a tie against Sparwood

U18 soccer - Pincher Creek (in green) vs Sparwood
Cindy Jackson and C. Davis photos
Joey Jackson

Pincher Creek's U18 soccer team finished off their regular season on Monday June 8th with a home game against Sparwood. The game may have ended up being a 1-1 draw but it was still a lopsided match in favor of Pincher, who for the majority of the game kept the ball in the Sparwood's end of the pitch. Pincher's precise passing and midfield play let them control play for most of the game, but their inability to hit the net gave Sparwood the chance to break the scoreless tie midway through the second half. Pincher then had to play catch up against the sun and the wind but eventually was able to tie the game with little time remaining. Both Pincher and Sparwood did have a chance to score the off  of penalty kicks, but both kicks did not go in thanks to excellent goaltending from both goalies.

Sam Gerand scored Pincher's only goal of the game on a great individual effort, tying the game up late.  He was able to successfully beat two defenders and the goalie to easily tap the ball in from only a few feet out. Many Pincher players did have a chance to put their team on the board but one was able to do a lot more and keep the game tied in the final few minutes of the game. Paul Johnson stopped a for-sure goal after Pincher goaltender Marcel Levecque was stuck out of position, but Levecque did ultimately cover the open net and safely cleared the ball out of the zone.

This could be Pinchers last game of the year.  depending on if the year end tournament scheduled to take place this weekend on Saturday June 13 at Sproule Field can be postponed because of scheduling conflicts due to diploma exams for Pincher's players. Because both of the other teams in the league (Elkford and Sparwood) are in B.C. the schedule conflict does not apply to them, and it is completely up to them if they want to postpone the tournament.

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