Thursday, June 4, 2015

Spray Park Committee recommends Town Hall location

Chris Davis

Pincher Creek's Spray Park Committee reported to Town Council on May 25.  After considering several locations for the park, at the May 6 meeting of the committee it was decided by a 10-2 vote to recommend the field west of Town Hall.  The committee considered four preferred options. The old Sobey's parking lot and a location behind the swimming pool" were not an option and didn't meet all of our needs", according to the committee's report.  In the final vote the Town Hall park was chosen over those choices and the empty lot next to the fire hall, which has also been proposed as a possible community housing location.

Representing the Spray Park Committee were Jennifer Pierzchala-Draper, Adam Grose, and Billi Rigaux.  Mayor Don Anderberg mentioned parking at the Town Hall location as a concern that would need to be addressed.  Councillor Thornton mentioned the possible cost of removing sidewalks and then paving as a concern.  "We've got to get some numbers around it, and we have to know it it can be done," said Anderberg. "That's the criteria we have right now.  If it can't be done here then you're going to have to look somewhere else."

"It seems like parking is a priority here."

Councillor Wayne Elliott, who sits on the Spray Park Committee and is enthusiastic about the concept.  "Security is a big issue," he said, in support of the central Town Hall location.

Billie Rigaux told council that traffic on Main Street was one of the committee's concerns about the former Sobey's parking lot and swimming pool locations.  Jennifer Pierzchala-Draper explained that having a lot size and location would help in pursuing grants.  Adam Grose said the footprint of the park would be slightly larger than that of the playground that already exists at the Town Hall location.

The need for public washrooms/changerooms at the facility, and the need to maintain them, was also discussed and referred to administration to gather more information.

"Town Council has committed $100,000 toward this project," explained Mayor Anderberg at the February 4th public meeting about the proposed park (click here for that story).

The issue was on the June 3 Committee of the Whole agenda, and will come back to council Tuesday June 9 for further deliberation (*updated).

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