Thursday, June 25, 2015

St. Michael’s School holds year end barbecue

Caleb Evans

St. Michael’s school held a year end barbecue on Thursday June 18th from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.,  celebrating the end of yet another school year. Many current students and their parents, former students, faculty and others all joined at this event. Holy Spirit School Trustee Judy Lane and former trustee Marilyn Welsch were present at the bbq.

Principal Don Kuchison
C. Evans photos
The barbecue started with a little speech from Principal Don Kuchison, in which he thanked School Council, and Friends of St. Michael’s, who sponsored the evening. Mr. Kuchison also thanked the Pincher Creek Co-op for donating and preparing all the food, School Council President Gavin Parker who asked the Co-op for their time and donation, The Knights of Columbus who also made a donation to the evening and finally, and Beryl Zoratti for her personal donation.

Co-op cooks Billi Rigaux, Shannon Donovan, and Clayton LeJan
After his speech, Mr. Don Kuchison led everyone in prayer. Once over, everyone lined up to grab some food. Lots of people enjoyed either a juicy hot dog or a delicious burger. The line waiting for food was out the door! Everyone seemed to be having a great time socializing, reminiscing and sharing memories of the school year as well as years past.

Ron Schmidt
Once everyone had enjoyed their fabulous meal, Ron Schmidt came up to present and explain the Elaine Schmidt Christian Action Memorial Award. This award is in memory of Elaine, who was a former teacher at St. Michael’s School. This award is going to be presented to a student from grades one to five annually to recognize a student whose actions show Christianity, integrity and perseverance. This award is also presented to someone who has lots of heart and a grounded spirit.

This year’s recipient had all of these attributes and many more marvelous ones; she followed in the footsteps of her grandmother through her actions and her heart of gold. The first ever recipient of the Elaine Schmidt Christian Action Memorial Award was Elaine’s granddaughter, Sofia Citrigno.

Elaine Schmidt Christian Action Memorial Award recipient Sofia Citrigno
“I’m definitely very surprised,” said Citrigno, “but it meant a lot to me since it was under my Grandma’s name and she was very special to me, I looked up to her as a kid.”

Banner to commemorate 110 years of St. Michael's School
After the presentation of the award, all members of the school, parents, staff and former members of the school had the chance to sign a banner that will be commemorating 110 years of St. Michael’s School and the celebrating the renovation of the school. The BBQ was a great way to end the school year and look forward to the renovations at St. Michael’s School. Same Dragons, New Cave!

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