Wednesday, June 17, 2015

State of the Voice June 2015

Christian Davis, Publisher

We ask that our readers bear with us over the next two or three weeks as we reorganize.  We're moving our office and home (to the same address) while renovating and dealing with some expected and unexpected hurdles.  We hope to be resettled soon, but there may be a service interruption or two along the way.

We're also playing catch-up on a whole bunch of stories, so stay tuned for those as well.

I'll do a stats recap next State of the Voice, once all the moving madness has subsided.  Bottom line, more people read the Pincher Creek Voice than live in Pincher Creek and the MD of Pincher Creek combined.  Our readership growth continues, but is a much gentler curve than it was.  Our Alberta Voice venture is still in the nascent stages, but is now getting a readership of between 500 and 1000 pageviews a day.  Frankly, it's not the same kind of hyper-local site as the Pincher Voice at present, but does allow us to provide our readers with news and views from outside of our specific area without flooding local news off the Pincher Voice feed.

Our biggest challenge is still the monetization of this site.  Our revenue chart is one of slow gradual growth, unlike most of the news enterprises out there, but it could certainly be better.  Voice co-owner and General Manager Toni Lucas will be devoting more of her time to sales in the upcoming months, so that we can afford to continue to bring the high level of coverage to our readers that you have come to expect.  Unshackling her from her desk to do so is one of the main reasons we're moving our office back home.

The 4-year anniversary of this publication is rapidly approaching.  We've already hit our 5-year plan targets, so I guess we didn't aspire high enough 4 years ago.  We'll try to do better with our next 5-year plan, which we'll be working on over the next few months.  So, just in case anyone is wondering, we plan to keep on doing this for a long time to come. We're not big on polls, but your input, as always, is appreciated.

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