Thursday, June 4, 2015

U18 Soccer: Elkford 7, Pincher Creek 3

Joey Jackson.

Pincher Creek's U18 soccer team was not at the same level as they were last time they played Elkford, in their first game of the season. Pincher lost to Elkford 7-3 on Monday evening June 2 in an even more lopsided match than the score suggests. Pincher was not only short a few key players due to different circumstances, but their available players were also having trouble communicating on the field. Pincher did do better in the second half after they were able to gather their thoughts and begin to talk on the field more, which led to the team having more control over the game.

Pincher was able to score two of their three goals on penalty kicks, both coming from winger Tessa Roy.  The first goal came in the first half of the game when an Elkford player took down a Pincher player while challenging from behind and Tessa was able to fake out the Elkford goalie. The second penalty kick goal came from a little bit of luck, when Elkford's goalie got to jumpy before the kick and moved off the line, so Pincher had a second chance to shoot, which they scored on. Pincher's final goal came from Colin Lincez, who scored from point blank range and was also deflected by an Elkford defenseman who tried to make a last minute effort to stop the goal.

Pincher plays their last game of the regular season on Monday June 8, hosting Sparwood at Sproule Field at 7:00 pm.  Pincher hopes to regroup and get back to the kind of game that they played in their first two games of the regular season.  After that comes the June 13 Year-end Tournament, to be held in Pincher Creek at Sproule Field.

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