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2015 Businesses in Bloom winners announced

2015 Businesses in Bloom winners
Joanne Cameron, Wendy Toews, Judy Unruh, Loretta Packham

Toni Lucas

Pincher Creek's Chamber of Commerce and Communities in Bloom  committee jointly renewed the Businesses in Bloom competition this year, with competitors vying for a coveted Golden Shovel, awarded to the winners in two categories, Industrial and Commercial.  Judges based their scoring on overall impression, general tidiness, floral displays, and good weeding. Judges toured the store fronts of all the business in town.

Best Industrial
  1. Joanne Cameron, KJ Cameron Service Industries
  2. Wendy Toews, Riteline Electric

Best Commercial

  1. Judy Unruh, Builders World
  2. Loretta Packham, Mrs. P's Coffee Corner
  3. Pincher Creek Veterinary Clinic

Builders World bloom
T. Lucas photos

In  the Best Commercial category Judy Unruh accepted first prize for Builders World with their lovely wide floral display on the corner of Charlotte Street and Hewetson Avenue.  Loretta Packham (Mrs. P's Coffee Corner) added her own decorative touches inside and out at the Ranchland Mall and earned second place.

Builders World - blooming incredible display

Participants in the Best Industrial category showed how much you can do with a little, beautifying stark buildings and environs with little touches.  Joanne Cameron accepted  first place for  KJ Cameron Service Industries, located on Deer Avenue, which includes the recycling center.  This is a very challenging place to keep tidy and make pretty, but somehow they do it.  Second place was presented  to Riteline Electric Limited's Wendy Toews for her low profile rock garden on Waterton Avenue.

KJ Cameron Service Industries (bottle depot windows)

These businesses are to be congratulated for their part in making Pincher Creek a brighter community.

You didn't think this stuff got rid of itself, right?
KJ Cameron Service Industries

Riteline proves even parking spots can be livelier

Builders World feature

Builders World

Builders World
Loretta Packham (Mrs. P)

Mrs. P's outdoor decor at the Ranchland Mall south exit

Mrs. P parks here.

Mrs. P's

Mrs P's

Mrs. P's


Communities in Bloom Canada judging will be held Monday, July 27 in Pincher Creek. Pincher Creek has been entered in the Class of Champions, to compete against the following communities that have also won at the National level.

CIB Class of Champions - Small Community
Town of Antigonish, NS
Village of Ashcroft, BC
Town of Millet, AB
Town of Pincher Creek, AB
Town of Sussex, NB
Community of Tignish, PE

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