Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Canyon School holds talent show

Zahara and Mr. Curly Rider perform at the Canyon talent show
Toni Lucas

Canyon Elementary School in Pincher Creek held a student Talent Show on Monday, June 22.  Students from every grade (1-6)  demonstrated their talents to the entire student body, staff, guests, and family members who attended.

Asher performs on the piano
The selection was varied and there was something for everyone.  There were musical selections ranging from lip-syncing and air guitar to solo singers and choir and band performances.  The piano was given a workout by a number of students, and there were dance numbers.  Music was not the only talent these kids brought to the stage.  There was hula hooping and trick skip rope shows.  One piece included four students performing a Taekwondo demonstration, and three students performed a comedy routine.

Claire, Maryn, and Melia at the piano
Melanie at the mic
It was a fast-paced event, with little chance for the audience to become bored as the next act took to the front of the gym.  The audience was supportive and positive.  The performers got the chance to show the other students a little bit more of their personality and reaffirm to themselves, their peers, and their school community that Canyon School is full of talent.

Taekwondo demonstration

Jaxon, Justin, and Will perform Smoke on the Water
Ronen at the piano

Ruby at the Mic
Immediately after the talent showcame  the main feature of the 'Cut Cann's Hair' fundraising team, consisting of teacher Courtney Cann, and students Jayce Draper, Shawn Hammond, Rubie Lou, and Regan Kuzyk took to the front of the gymnasium.  Read about that here: Canyon School teacher and students earn over $5,500 for cancer causes

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