Friday, July 17, 2015

Cowley and Lundbreck residents asked to conserve water

  • Prolonged drought across Alberta affecting water quantity
Leo Reedyk, Director of Operations, MD of Pincher Creek No.9

As the operator of the Cowley / Lundbreck Regional Water System, the Municipal District of Pincher Creek was informed by Alberta Environment, that the quantity of water in the Castle River has been slowly diminishing to a point where the instream flow requirements and the water conservation objectives in our water licences require that we reduce our intake of water.

Although we have seen rain over the last couple of days, it is felt that the effects of a minimal snow pack, high summer temperatures and low rainfall over the summer season, will require that we reduce our consumption of water for the foreseeable future. We ask all residents to minimize their consumption of water by reducing the watering of lawns during daytime hours, avoiding watering streets and hard surfaces and working towards conserving water within your homes and businesses.

We will be sending you an information package in your next utility bill, to provide you additional information on water conservation opportunities.

The Municipal District has applied for and received a grant from the Province of Alberta to relocate the intake for our Regional Water System into the Oldman Dam Reservoir. The new intake should minimize these types of water shortages into the future. The project engineering has been initiated and we look forward to its completion.

In the interim we ask that you conserve water at every opportunity. Should more stringent water conservation be required, we will contact you at that time. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at your earliest opportunity.

Thanks for assisting us in this matter.

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