Friday, July 3, 2015

Pincher Creek Emergency Services hosts 33 families for a tour

Toni Lucas

The Pincher Creek Emergency Services (PCES) Fire Hall had 33 families visit on Wednesday, June 24. The event was a cooperative effort between Parent Link, Brighter Futures, Early Childhood Coalition and PCES.  The kids ranged in age from toddlers to approximately five years old.  They got to find out about fire safety, toured the building, and learned about fire trucks and ambulances.  Inside the Fire Hall they made their own personalized fire helmet at the craft table, had snacks that included red licorice fire hoses with blue icing (simulating water) coming out the end.   Each child also got a goodie bag to commemorate their visit.

Outside, with the help of an adult, the kids got the chance to hold a fire hose and try to aim and knock down pylons with a spray of water.  The kids were really excited to go into the fire trucks and ambulance that were open for them to explore.  They had a fun day of visiting, and a few picked up some of the gear used by the department to see how heavy the boots, helmets, and tools actually are.  Before they left they knew a little bit more about what a first responder does in our community.

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