Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Pincher Creek Emergency Services responds to minor incidents, helps trim trees

Toni Lucas

Since July 5 Pincher Creek Emergency Services (PCES) has dealt with one railway tie on fire, a minor decontamination situation, and one vehicular accident.  In addition to these incidents they have been helping Pincher Creek Bylaw and operations staff trimming trees around town.

On Sunday, July 5, PCES and Lundbreck fire responded to a small fire near the railway tracks close to the junction on Highway 785 at approximately 2:30 am.  This may have occurred due to maintenance crews working on the tracks.

On Sunday, July 5, PCES responded to Waterton Springs Campground near Highway 6.  A bear spray container was accidentally deployed, contaminating a person.  The person was decontaminated before the crew arrived and the crew stood down.

On Wednesday, July 8 PCES attended an incident approximately 15 kilometers south of Pincher Creek on Highway 6.  A vehicle hit a deer, causing leakage from the vehicle.  The person in the vehicle suffered no injuries, and PCES did a clean-up of the site before returning to base.

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