Friday, July 17, 2015

Pincher Creek resident's tree struck by lightning

Scorched conifer
Toni Lucas

Samantha Trodden was at home with her two children Kage and Raiden on Thursday, July 17, when lightning stuck the tree in front of her yard on Foothills Avenue in Pincher Creek just after lunchtime.  Her three year old son Kage was in the middle of telling her a story about what he believes causes thunder and lighting when "There was a big flash, and the boom was instant, and it sounded like it shattered a window," said Trodden.  She looked to see if all her windows were still intact.  "All of a sudden, I see my tree is smoking.  My tree was on fire."

The 20 foot conifer had curls of smoke rising from out of the branches.  She called 911 and Pincher Creek Emergency Services arrived  quickly.  "It was very exciting, but not that destructive," said Trodden, who said that she could see flames at one point, but the rain quickly beat back the fire.  "It was pouring buckets of rain."  The tree survived with a few scorch marks, and her children now have a new tale to tell about thunder and lightning.

Tree still largely intact after lightning strike

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