Friday, July 10, 2015

Safe like a Storm

Justine Jorgensen

Your imagination is like a thunderstorm pounding
inside a classroom
like someone wearing cleats has stepped on a snake
like a slender shadow creeping
across the base of the Statue of Liberty
to slip into the ocean with a splash
like blood red apples raining from the sky
to explode on grey cement and fill the air with sickly sweet
like metal being cut by scissors, like a cloud
passing over a full moon
a silk ribbon in sinking sand
the crackle of glass in a forest fire
like pebbles exploding in a bowl
like chemicals in a silver jar, like a whisper
singing in the walls
like shining spider webs spreading
as the mirror cracks in the heat
a drop of blood on a feather, like cockroaches drowning
like a lone melody sinking through ink
like walking on thin ice in the center of a pond
like a knife cutting through stone, like a thousand hailstones
shimmering in molten lava
like a white moth fluttering in the moonlight
like the thoughts I had after I was told a strange story
and could not sleep all night

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