Saturday, July 4, 2015

Spray Park logo contest winner Mallory Nelson

Mallory Nelson wearing her winning design and holding her $50 prize
Toni Lucas

Pincher Spray Park Society representatives Billi Rigaux and Jennifer Draper paid a special visit to Canyon School during Sports Day on Friday, June 19. After all the contests, and games of tug of war and dodgeball were over for the grades 1-3 students, the kids were gathered together and the winner of the Spray Park Logo contest was announced as Mallory Nelson.

Mallory Nelson, Jennifer Draper, and Billi Rigaux
Mallory is a Canyon School grade 3 student.  She was given the very first t-shirt to be made with the logo she designed and a $50 bill.  "It's pretty exciting, I like to draw," she said after the presentation.

Rigaux and Draper explained that it was a hard decision.  "Some of the entries showed a lot of effort," said Draper. The contest was open to youngsters under the age of 18.  The logo will be used for t-shirts, stickers, and decals.  After Mallory thanked Rigaux and Draper and posed for pictures she was quickly surrounded by a crowd of her peers who wanted to see the new t-shirt and congratulate her.

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