Thursday, July 16, 2015

Town of Pincher Creek hires Marie Everts for events and marketing

Marie Everts
T. Lucas photo

Toni Lucas

"I started 15th of June," said newly appointed Town of Pincher Creek Events, Marketing, and Economic Development Officer Marie Everts.  For the last 7 years, Everts worked at Castle Mountain, and is continuing to do event planning there as well until they have someone to fully take over her position.  She explained the role that she will be taking for the Town of Pincher Creek.  "A lot of it is engagement.  Engagement in the community, and having people engage in the events and what's happening.  So engagement in people, in businesses, in events, the area, everything.  Just trying to grow what Pincher Creek has and within the marketing side is the promotion side of things, and along with the promotion, hopefully will come more economic development."   Everts will be working closely with the Economic Development Committee and the Signage Committee, and will also be updating the Pincher Creek Community and Visitors Guide.

"We're not doing anything drastic, yet."  Everts is working with the calendar of events,  and looking into the analytics of the Town of Pincher Creek website.  "As time goes on here, I'm hoping to get out to visit a lot of the businesses more so I can have some conversations with them and find out how I can help them."

"I grew up in Pincher Creek, which is awesome, because you don't have to train me on Pincher Creek."  In addition to growing up here, Everts she has travelled and lived elsewhere, gaining a perspective on this area in the global market.  "I wanted to come home, because this is a special place.  It's awesome."

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