Monday, April 18, 2016

2016 Pincher Creek Come and Go Volunteer Luncheon draws a big crowd

Toni Lucas - The Municipal District of Pincher Creek No. 9 and the Town of Pincher Creek worked together to host the eighth annual Come and Go Volunteer Luncheon at the Pincher Creek Community Hall on Friday, April 15. The luncheon was open to all those who volunteer in our area and those who are curious about the many volunteer opportunities available. Over 260 volunteers flocked to the 11th annual luncheon, representing a diverse segment of our population.

Crestview Lodge well represented at event

What all the attendees had in common is a desire to help this community be a better place for themselves, their families, and others. Without people like this and all that they do, we would be reduced in almost every capacity of our existence as a community. There are volunteers out there supporting this community every moment of every day, in every aspect of human endeavor, from the mundane, to the most uplifting, to the most tragic and come from all walks of life.

Group Group Youth's Lynne Teneycke
Mayor Don Anderberg and Reeve Brian Hammond both addressed the crowd. They talked about how the dedication of individuals improve the quality of life for the overall community. Mayor Don Anderberg said he is often amazed at how much work goes into this community. "The impossible for us just takes us a while longer." 

Reeve Hammond explained how recognizing volunteerism started to recognize the efforts women were making on the home front during World War II. He suggested, "Imagine how different the community would be without the contributions made by volunteers."

2016 Lundbreck Senior Citizen of the Year Weldon Vickers

Lundbreck Citizens Council awarded two plaques to deserving members of the community: Weldon Vickers earned the 2016 Lundbreck Senior Citizen of the Year award. Vickers said "I just wanted to say, volunteering, I get more back than I put out. I see friends, do new things, and meet new people. That's what it's all about. Thank you very much. I really appreciate this very, very much." Lee Farough was awarded Lundbreck's Citizen of the Year plaque. However he could not attend the event itself.

Hosts from the Town and MD of Pincher Creek: Marie Everts, Rhonda Oczkowski, Adam Grose, Katrina Oczkowski, and Tara Cryderman

Booths lined the main floor representing a variety of organizations in the area. People were welcome to ask questions about what the organizations do, what their goals are, and what changes are coming up in this year.  The booths represented a number of diverse interests including: Communities In Bloom, Windsor Heritage Centre, Windy Slopes Health Foundation, Pincher Creek Chamber of Commerce, Crestview Lodge, Lundbreck Gardner’s, Roaring Lions, Old Man Rose Society, First Student, Group Group Youth, Whispering Winds, Citizen on Patrol, Kootenai Brown Museum, Pincher Creek Municipal Library, Castle Crown Coalition, Pincher Creek Elks, Pincher Planters and Heritage Acres Farm Museum.

Happy Birthday Jackie Therriault
A spontaneous moment came about when Master of Ceremonies David Green announced local musical legend Jackie Therriault was celebrating her 85th Birthday the same day. Many in the room volunteered their voice joining in during an impromptu chorus of 'Happy Birthday'.

The event was well attended 
Jim Johnson, Town Councillors Jim Litkowski and Wayne Elliott, Rose Johnson
Irvin Provost (Group Group Youth)
Jen Crook and Chec for Vista Village
George Dowson and Ron Sekella (Citizens On Patrol)
Don Campbell and Betty Hepner  (Heritage Acres)
Monica Zwikstra (Lundbreck Gardeners)

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