Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Crestview Highlights for March 2016

Greetings from the Residents at Crestview Lodge - March is the beginning of our fantastic outings for the year. We will be trying to take advantage of all the good weather we can during our adventures out and about. To start off, we visited the Frank Slide Interpretive Center, it was a small group but we had a great time. We were lucky to have a guide from the center show us about. The staff were so helpful answering all our questions and helping us in and out of our seats when we watched the movies. We were quite happy that we went before peak season for our trip, otherwise we may not have had the opportunity to have such great one on one assistance with the wonderful staff at the center. Big thanks to all the staff at Frank Slide Interpretive Center!

Another outing we greatly enjoyed was at the Windsor Center in Lundbreck. Ian Tramblay was the entertainer and boy was he awesome! We laughed so hard at his stories and antics, more than anyone else we have seen before; he was a pure delight. His music was inspiring and fun. We would love to see him again hands down!

We had our first Tim Hortons outing in the year and that was fun. The goodies were so tasty and the coffee was deliciously warm. We had some family members come and join us, for a quick one as they say, but as always you get to talking and next thing you know it was a good long visit. We were able to catch up with people we hardly see any more and shared lots of laughs with everyone. We will have to do that again soon, so look for us and pop by to say hi!

Speaking of coffee outings we sure enjoy it when other people stop by and coffee with us. One of our favorite groups is Vista Village. We miss some our residents that have moved on to Vista, but we are so grateful for the opportunity to visit when they come visit us here at Crestview. We also reciprocate and go there for coffee outings too. It helps us to all keep in touch and socialize with each other. It is hard when we have to move on, but, it is heartwarming that we still get to be close. Thank you Melanie at Vista for helping us all keep in touch with each other through your program.

I guess that’s it for now. Stop by and see us some time!

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