Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Dear drivers: red lights flashing on a school bus means stop

Location Manager Sharon Roberts reminds the public 'Reds Flashing, No Passing"
T. Lucas photo

"It's not a difficult concept, red lights mean stop." - First Student Location Manager Sharon Roberts

Toni Lucas

First Student Pincher Creek is out to spread the message of school bus safety with their campaign "Red Flashing, No Passing'. They had a bus parked in the parking lot at Tim Hortons on Saturday, April 23, with volunteers on hand to answer questions. First Student Location Manager Sharon Roberts said each of their drivers care about the safe transport of the students and are worried about the seven times buses with flashing red lights have been passed during this school season. One of these incidents was very recent, happening after the campaign started.

 "Most people who have stopped by today have said 'Absolutely, what a great message,'" said Roberts of the event.  She was happy that many people stopped to find out more about the message. She said students are well versed in road safety, and have to get a signal from the bus driver before they step out onto the roadway, now they are trying to remind and educate the driving public that when a bus is flashing red children may be entering the roadway. "It's not a difficult concept, red lights mean stop."

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