Monday, April 18, 2016

Personal safety initiative offered again to Pincher Creek youth

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Irvin Provost at Pincher Creek volunteer appreciation luncheon with safety books
The Group Group Youth Society of Pincher Creek is once again presenting an educational personal safety initiative to local youngsters. This will be the fourth time the organization has committed to bringing safety resources to area kids.

Group Group Youth can help make available to youngsters a copy of Personal Safety Smart Choices for LIFE, a 112 page handbook that features information about safety in the home, at school, on the street, at play and among strangers. Produced by Community Safety Net (CSN) whose mission is “Protecting kids for LIFE”, the handbook contains lessons and fun exercises that promote making smart choices for personal safety. It’s an excellent resource for parents too and contains telephone numbers as well as additional contact information for more help. Also included is an award-winning, educational DVD that features a teenage host and an interactive quiz. It connects to the Community Safety Net website, where kids can enter online contests and win great contests.

The kids receive this resource through the generous support of local businesses and organizations.

Every day, more than 43,000 North American children are injured seriously enough to need emergency room attention. According to the World Health Organization, “almost all accidents are preventable and education is the most effective way to prevent them from happening.”

Community Safety Net is a family-run, values-oriented organization that produces a series of valuable safety resources created especially for youngsters. To date, more than three million children in communities across North America have benefited from CSN material.

Contact: Lynne Teneycke at 403-627-4616 or email

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