Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Town of Pincher Creek to donate $10,000 for Fort McMurray wildfire relief

Toni Lucas -  During the regular meeting of council for the Town of Pincher Creek council decided to donate $10,000 to the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo in response to the damage caused by the Fort McMurray area wildfires.  The idea was discussed during the previous council meeting held May 9, but council at that time wanted to ascertain if money sent through the Red Cross from the Town of Pincher Creek would be matched dollar for dollar.  Administration investigated and found that the matching of funds did not include large corporate donations and therefore would not be matched.

Council discussed which entity to send the funds to:  The Red Cross, United Way or directly to the Municipality of Wood Buffalo.  The decision was made after some deliberation to send $10,000 directly to the Municipality.  Councillor Jim Litkowski said "I think they are going to need all the help they can get.  We are just a drop in the bucket, but every little bit helps."

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