Monday, June 27, 2016

Community Out and About to June 26, 2016

Pincher Creek's Dolphins Swim Club was fundraising at the Ranchland Mall on Friday.

Stay tuned for an upcoming Dolphins update.

^ Volunteers Scott Korbett and Darcy Dansky helping to remove old carpeting and install new flooring at the Pincher Creek Food Bank last week.  Pincher Creek Rotary has decided to make the food bank one of their ongoing special projects this year. Click here for that story.  - T. Lucas photo

Reminder: please slow down when passing through Beaver Mines on your way to Castle Mountain (or whatever). It's a family community.  Tickets are frequently issued to speed limit offenders.  - C. Davis photo

T. Lucas photo at the award winning Builders World garden.

The best of rewards: Builders World butterfly - T. Lucas photo

^ The new Castle Valley campground west of Pincher Creek began to fill up early in its first season.
Related story: 

^ Coalfields Community Centre near Beaver Mines, June 2016 - T. Lucas photo

^ Pincher Creek's Legion held their Poker Rally last Saturday.  Stay tuned for a story from Toni about the event.  - T. Lucas photo

The Fair was in full swing last Saturday too.  Story and pictures soon.  - T. Lucas photos

Stay tuned for an upcoming Sk8 Jam story. - J. Davis photos

J. Davis photo

U14 Soccer Tournament at MHHS field on Saturday, Crowsnest (in orange) vs Sparwood  Full story soon.  - C. Davis photo

Renee VanLoon at U18 Soccer Tournament (Sproule Field) - Kage Trodden photo

Photographer at U18 Soccer tournament - Kage Trodden photo

Soccer fans - Kage Trodden photo

Kage Trodden - T. Lucas photo

At the 2016 Ranch Rodeo - C. Davis photo

Ashlyn, Tristan, and Addison, who claimed second prize, at the Fox Theatre Finding Dory event. Click here for the full story.  - J. Davis photo

T. Lucas

Cowley Ridge comes down:

Cowley Ridge May 2016

Cowley Ridge May 2016
Cowley Ridge May 2016

The St. Michael's School renovation project continues:

St. Michael's School May 2016
St. Michael's School May 2016
St. Michael's School May 2016
From the lost and found folder: 

Pincher Creek U10 Soccer on a damp day in May):

More "lost folder" soccer stuff from May:

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