Monday, June 20, 2016

Crestview May 2016 highlights

Greetings from Crestview Lodge

May was the end of cabin fever as we begin our summer bus trips out and about our wonderful area.

We kicked off our outings with a bus tour with Farley Wuth. We absolutely love going on trips with Farley. Some of us didn’t really know any history of the area and greatly admire how much history he has stored in his head. Farley’s Tours remind us of days gone by and more recently who has what farms now and if their kids had taken the farms over. This tour was around town. Wow Pincher Creek has a lot of history literally in our own back yards. Can't wait to see what will be our next tour!

We enjoyed going to the Crowsnest Pass Symphony. They are so talented and a pure joy to listen to. A big thank you to the First Baptist Church for letting the Symphony play in their church. It is an amazing building to listen to the talented musicians. If you haven’t gone to see they play before, you really should, they are fabulous! And real must see.

They weather held out for us to go to Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump. This trip we have tried to go on a couple times, but either weather or not enough people to go was a show stopper. Well we made it! It was a fantastic tour. Our tour guide Simone was a wonderful gal. Simone was very knowledgeable of the center and the area. Simone answered all of our questions and was so patient with us. It was a very enjoyable trip. We stopped mid-way through our tour for lunch at their cafeteria. There we enjoyed some buffalo stew and bannock. Now that was a delicious lunch! Some of the residents had never had this kind of food before and we enjoying every bite. The staff at the cafeteria were excellent and so patient. Thanks you, to all the staff for making our experience at the Jump absolutely superb!

It was so wonderful to see Cathy and Gordon Klein come to visit and play cards with all the residents. They sure had loads of fun. Laugh and catching up is always the best times with good people. We can’t wait to see you both again very soon.

Our Barb Lloyd in the office here brought in some of her in-laws to come play some music. Came all they way from Manitoba to visit and decided to come play for us. Two of them played the mandolins and one to play the piano. Barb sang and Donnie joined in. It was wonderful entertainment. We all joined in singing the songs we knew. What a great way to spend a morning with fantastic talent and music!

That’s all for now.

Take care everyone!

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