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CUPW asks Pincher Creek's councils for Canada Post Review input

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Josh Davis - In an email to the Town of Pincher Creek and the Municipal District No. 9 of Pincher Creek by Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) National President Mike Palecek dated June 6, 2016, Palecek informed the council of a federal review of the public postal service. The letter sought public input, and expressed support for the idea of “postal banking”. Postal banking is the provision of financial and banking services through a post office.

Postal banks already exist in many parts of the world, and are used as a tool to increase financial inclusion, promote economic development and generate revenue to preserve public postal service and jobs. Canada Post used to have a national savings bank from, 1867 until 1968, when it was shut down do to the increased presence of chartered banks and credit unions, and decreased interest by Canada Post and the government to maintain the network, Currently over 600 municipalities have passed resolutions that support postal banking.

In the letter, Palecek wrote the following:

"I am writing to let you know that the federal government is conducting a review of Canada Post. It says that everything but postal privatization is on the table. This means daily mail delivery, restoring home delivery, postage rates, the moratorium on post office closures and more.

The review will have two phases. The government has appointed an independent task force to collect input from Canadians, do research, gather facts and identify options for the future of our postal service by September 2016. Following this, a parliamentary committee will consult with Canadians on the options identified by the task force and make recommendations to the government by year’s end. The government expects to announce its decisions about Canada Post in the spring of 2017.

While CUPW welcomes the opportunity to look at the future of our public postal service, we have a number of concerns about the review. The review’s first phase -  the part that determines the options that will be examined -  is being held over the summer. As well, there has been very little information and advertising about the review, except in social media. We are concerned people will not learn about the review until it’s too late.

CUPW would like to ensure that the views of municipalities are considered. Therefore, we would like you, if at all possible, to provide input to the Canada Post Review. We have attached a resolution for your consideration, information on providing input and some fact sheets on key issues.

Thank you very much for considering our request. There’s a lot at stake and we appreciate anything you can do to help. We would also like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to the many Municipalities that supported our campaign to stop the cuts that Canada Post announced in December
2013, including the end of home mail delivery. We had a major victory when Canada Post announced
a temporary hold on its plan to eliminate door-to- door delivery. CUPW is confident that we can build on this success and convince the Canada Post Review to recommend against further cuts in favour of new services that generate revenues and allow us to build a universal, affordable and green public postal system for future generations."

You can provide input to the CUPW by emailing them at, or by snail mail to CUPW President Mike Palecek, 377 Bank Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K2P 1Y3.

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