Monday, June 20, 2016

Fire at Piikani Nation quickly contained

Chris Davis - Just after 4:00 pm on Friday June 17, 2016 at 4:14 pm the Peigan Volunteer Fire Department and Piikani RCMP were dispatched to grassfire at the Elder Residence at the Piikani townsite.   Pincher Creek Emergency Services was put on stand-nu for assistance if the fire spread to the Elder Residence structure but were ultimately not called upon.

According to a report from Peigan Fire Chief Floyd Provost, southwest winds moved the grass fire within five feet of the structure, fire units controlled the fire within the immediate area, and piles of waste material burning contributed to possible carcinogenic forming smoke in the area. Some administrative staff members on site were prepared to be evacuated residents to a safe. The site maintenance person indicated that the building did not have fire extinguishers. RCMP questioned three young girls that were seen in the vicinity of the possible ignition point.  Peigan Fire responded with four first responders, a pumper unit, and an engine, and cleared the scene approximately an hour later.

After the incident Chief Provost directed that each response unit be equipped and trained to operate a 5 pound fire extinguisher; the building maintenance personnel have a 20 pound fire extinguisher; site emergency preparedness plan be completed and residents evacuation plan with muster point be developed and practiced; the facility be inspected immediately by the First Nations Fire Safety Officer or the Office of the Fire Commissioner’s Fire Safety Officer.

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