Wednesday, June 29, 2016

MD of Pincher Creek to close Chipman Creek range road to motor vehicles

Josh Davis – During their regular meeting on June 28, 2016. the Municipal Council for the MD of Pincher Creek decided to close the Chipman Creek range road to vehicular traffic  In 2015, the MD was contacted by Trout Unlimited to look at a culvert on the Alberta Ranch Road 1- 2, between Tony Drive (TR 6- 0) and Alberta Ranch Road (TR 5- 4). It is an unimproved road that crosses Chipman Creek, and there is no bridge or culvert for Chipman Creek to pass under it. Historically this road is used by mud boggers. Trout Unlimited stated that this reach of Chipman Creek is an historical Bull Trout habitat.

A plunge pool on the downstream side was preventing fish from passing under the road in Chipman Creek. This culvert is approximately 2 km from the crossing on RR 1- 2. Depending on the year, Chipman Creek has a rutted bottom from mud boggers that would prevent fish passage.

A local citizen contacted the MD on May 30, 2016 to inform them that there had been considerable traffic passing through Chipman Creek overnight. This citizen asked if the road could be closed to vehicular traffic. The road is to be closed for lease purposes, which allows vehicular traffic to be restricted while still allowing access on foot or horseback.

At their June 14, 2016 Policy and Plans Meeting Council requested additional information. While on their annual road tour, Council viewed the location to see the area to be closed and ask questions of Public Works on the method of closure. During their June 28 regular meeting, Councillor Terry Yagos moved to proceed with the road closure, and the motion was carried.

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