Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Other Special Places slideshow presentation benefits Boun Lod Fund

Gordon Peterson

Josh Davis - On Friday, June 17th, more than 110 people were given a taste of the world during Gordon Peterson and Cathy Scrimshaw's photo presentation in the Town Hall Gym, titled Other Special Places. The Beaver Mines couple shared tales of their globe trotting exploits, including both poles, Madagascar, Easter Island, Namibia, Mongolia, South America, southeast Asia, and the remotest gift shop in the world. Proceeds from the event were slated for the Boun Lod Fund.

Cathy Scrimshaw
The couple started off the evening by sharing the story of Laotian girl Boun Lod, whom they met during a visit to Laos. Lod had been badly burned when she was just two weeks old, following an incident in which a burning candle fell into her crib. Lod miraculously survived, but was left disfigured. The couple has been helping her raise money for various treatments since 2008. According to Pincher Creek MultiCultural Friendship Group's Adam Hong $1,764.41 has been raised by the group towards Boun Lod's ongoing restorative surgery.

Adam Hong (l) introducing Gordon Peterson (r)
The slide-show presentation included details about what made each exotic location, from any historic monuments, to natural phenomena, to local flora and fauna, to anthropological significance. They also shared personal stories about what made the places special to them.

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