Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Crestview Highlights for June 2016

Crestview Lodge residents showing their Canadian pride on July 1
submitted photo

Greetings from Crestview Lodge - June finally came and the weather held out for all of our trips. Our first trip this month was with Farley Wuth guiding us, he directed us to the Castle Mountain Ski area, as well as Beaver Mines Lake. It was a wonderful trip, many of us haven’t been in those parts in what seems like forever. Beautiful area and quite a bit of history in those hills! The next trip Farley took us on was to the Fishburn and St Henry’s Church areas. Wow there is a lot of history in all the areas of Pincher Creek, with many great families keeping the history alive for us to enjoy for years to come.

Quentin Stevick has graciously come to share his travels to Russia with us. We were not sure what to expect for the show, but it was a wonderful time; Quentin is a marvelous speaker. Quentin has a lot of knowledge to share about Russia and their people and we have enjoyed every moment. We look forward to more presentations from Quentin’s travels in Russia.

We were super amazed again by the Scottish Dancers from the Lethbridge Senior’s Center. This is not Highland Dancing, these ladies dance the social waltzes and polka dances that were danced in the 18-1900’s. We were fascinated by their feet movements and how they can switch partners throughout the dances. Almost like a square dance to some of them, just at a slower pace. They never cease to amaze us each year with their talents.

We had a spectacular Father’s Day Steak Supper here at Crestview Lodge. Galt, our wonderful maintenance man, volunteered his time to man the barbeque for us. He did an awesome job of being the grill master, grilling the steaks and burgers to the residents’ liking. Thank you Galt! The steaks were from Back Country Butchers in Cowley and they were so tender and mouthwatering! It was a very delicious meal topped off with dishes from the Crestview Lodge Kitchen.

Our Pub Night was quite fun, Boyd Low was our entertainer and he is a colorful character. Boyd plays a lot of the music we all love to listen and sing along to. He is upbeat and tells jokes in between songs. Boyd also like to get giggles from the residents and staff, handing out funny gifts as door prizes. We enjoy having Boyd come and play for us.

We also enjoyed a trip to the Beaver Mines store for an ice cream treat. They had this caramel flavor ice cream that had no sugar added and it was yummy. We will have to get there again for another ice cream break before summer is over. Our treat next month we will be to head to Glenwood to the Cheese Museum and Ice Cream Parlor!

I personally would like to say a thank you to George Fisher for coming to help us set up our very own electronic bingo program. George runs the same program nick named” Fred” at the Huddlestun Center and Whispering Winds. The residents enjoy being able to see the program and play it more comfortably at Crestview Lodge; not to worry, we will always come and play bingo at both centers.

That’s all for now. Take care everyone!

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