Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Large illegal drug seizure in Pincher Creek

Pincher Creek RCMP - On Sunday July 17, 2016, at approximately 4:00 pm Pincher Creek RCMP located and seized a large quantity of controlled substances after a vehicle was stopped for a serious traffic violation. The driver was identified as Sebastion Aranzalez, 21 yrs of age, from Calgary. He was arrested for not having a drivers licence, having open liquor in the vehicle, and for careless driving.

Found in the vehicle was a back pack that contained approximately 3 ounces of Methamphetamine, nearly 2 ounces of Crack Cocaine, approximately 200 fentanyl pills, a small amount of marihuana, and a large amount of cash.

Charged with possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking Section 5(2) CDSA are:
Sebastion Aranzalez, male, 21, of Calgary AB.
Ruairi McGinnity male, 22, of Lethbridge, AB.
Christie Reed, female, 39, of Pincher Creek AB.
Sherri LaGrandeur, female, 40, of Pincher Creek AB.

Aranzalez is also charged with driving with no valid licence, and careless driving.

All four were released with conditions by a justice of the peace on a Recognizance with future court dates to appear in Pincher Creek Provincial Court.

This quantity and the type of drug is a serious concern to the RCMP and the community. These drugs have a very negative effect on communities. This quantity of dangerous drugs in the community should be a concern to everyone.


  1. Anonymous19/7/16

    Thank you for getting drugs off our stress and making them safer for our children .

  2. Anonymous19/7/16

    Thank you for great policing. God bless you guys my brothers and sisters.

  3. Anonymous20/7/16

    Why do we keep releasing these same drug dealers preying on our community. Maybe its time for mobs and pitchforks.


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