Monday, July 18, 2016

Pincher Creek Out and About to July 18, 2016

^ Pincher Creek Mayor Don Anderberg with a handful of hail on Friday July 15 at the gala held at Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village honouring Diane Burt-Stuckey for 37 years of service to the Town of Pincher Creek. T. Lucas photo

Ryan Plante video

Speaking of Friday's storms, Ryan Plante caught the above cellphone vid of the tail end of a funnel cloud touching down in the vicinity of the Pincher Creek Golf course during the same extreme weather event. Plante took the video from outside the pool, where he works. He's also an award winning swimmer on his way to Team Canada. Stay tuned for an upcoming interview with him about that exciting news. Bouts of heavy hail damaged much property and a tornado warning was issued for nearby communities by Environment Canada. Plante's vid plays as taken followed by a slowed version.

Diane Burt-Stuckey faces her unexpected fete.  Story soon

Lewis Anderson - Canola and Sky

T. Lucas photo
Above and below: Logan Mitchell and his remote control toy, with a rapt audience.

T. Lucas photo
Boys and their toys

C. Davis photo
Meanwhile at the Sproule Mud Bogging event...  Stay tuned for that story too.

Pincher Voice correspondent Raiden at mud bog event

C. Davis photo

T. Lucas photo

It's upgrade season in Pincher Creek
J. Davis photos

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