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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Ground breaking ceremony held for new Crestview Lodge

MD of Pincher Creek Reeve Brian Hammond, Foothills MP John Barlow, Livingstone-Macleod MLA Pat Stier, Calgary-McKay-Nose Hill MLA Karen McPherson, Crestview Lodge Manager Millie Loeffler, Pincher Creek Foundation Chair Sahra Nodge, Town of Pincher Creek Mayor Don Anderberg

Christian Davis - A ground breaking ceremony was held for the new Crestview Lodge construction project in Pincher Creek on Wednesday July 27. Dignitaries in attendance included Pincher Creek Foundation (PCF) Board Members, Foothills MP John Barlow, Livingstone-Macleod MLA Pat Stier, Calgary-McKay-Nose Hill MLA Karen McPherson representing Alberta Minister of Seniors Lori Sigurdson, Town of Pincher Creek Mayor Don Anderberg, Municipal District of Pincher Creek Reeve Brian Hammond, Town and MD councillors. architect George Berry, former foundation Chair Neil Stewart, and representatives from Golden Triangle Construction Management Inc.

George Berry (Berry Architecture), Golden Triangle President James Peloso, Calgary-McKay-Nose Hill MLA Karen McPherson, Crestview Lodge Manager Millie Loeffler, Pincher Creek Foundation Chair Sahra Nodge

The ceremony was held in the dining room of the existing lodge, which was built in 1961, while excavation work went on outside. The new two story 50 unit lodge will cost approximately $12.5 million and is expected to be completed by spring 2018. The new lodge was designed by Berry Architecture of Red Deer, which is also managing the project. Golden Triangle Construction Management Inc. of Calgary is the general contractor. The project is being financed with approximately $9.8 million in joint funding by the Governments of Canada and Alberta. The remaining funding is being provided by the Town of Pincher Creek, the Municipal District of Pincher Creek, and the Pincher Creek Foundation. The foundation administers Crestview and several other Provincially owned low income housing properties in Pincher Creek.

From earlier story: Architect John Berry with Sahra Nodge and Crestview plans
(Crestview plans courtesy Berry Architecture)

According to the Pincher Creek Foundation "The two story 50 unit Lodge will feature spacious resident suites, increased dining area and dedicated recreation and lounge spaces. Outdoor amenities and will feature an roof top gardens, sheltered patio and improved parking with covered entrance."

Calgary-McKay-Nose Hill MLA Karen McPherson

Pincher Creek Foundation Chair Sahra Nodge acted as MC for the event, giving a brief explanation of the project to date and introducing the guest speakers.  PCF Administrative Assistant Barb Lloyd led the crowd in the singing of the national anthem which was followed by greetings from Alberta Minister of Seniors Lori Sigurdson, presented by Calgary-McKay-Nose Hill MLA Karen McPherson.

Foothills MP John Barlow
MP John Barlow spoke next.  "This is just a wonderful example of what can happen when you have a team, and a group, work together to achieve a common goal. It's just over a year ago I had the pleasure of being with you here in Pincher Creek to announce the 9.8 million dollar project through the seniors and investments for affordable housing program which is a partnership between the provincial and federal government of Canada."

Town of Pincher Creek Councillor and Pincher Creek Foundation board member Lorne Jackson with Livingstone-Macleod MLA Pat Stier

MLA Pat Stier said  "I was certainly aware of some of the deficiencies that were here, and over the years I have talked to a lot of people about it."  Stier said he received a brief approximately 3.5 years ago outlining what the residents of Crestview and the interested parties would like to see from a new lodge. "It's great to have the cooperation of the province and the federal government to get this project, finally, on the go. It's exciting to see it going on here today. I'm hoping all of you residents that are here today, and all the community are looking forward to the day we can all be back here again for the special opening of the new facility. Thank you so much."

Town of Pincher Creek Mayor Don Anderberg and Crestview Lodge Manager Millie Loeffler
Pincher Creek Mayor Don Anderberg explained the project was at least 6 years in the making to date, and lauded the cooperation of a wide variety of government organizations, groups and individuals.  "This is really special. What I'm seeing out the window here is... I'm really glad to see local involvement in this project already." 

"As far as the new lodge is concerned, the overall really good thing to me is that the upgrades are going to provide years and years of great living accommodation for our seniors in a safe and healthy environment."

Former Pincher Creek Foundation Chair Neil Stewart, MD of Pincher Creek Reeve and former foundation chair Brian Hammond, MLA Pat Stier

Reeve Brian Hammond, a former Pincher Creek Foundation Chair, gave perhaps the most emotional speech of the day.  He spoke of the past, present, and future.  "Many years ago, as many of you will remember, community leaders recognized a need in this community for a seniors residence that would accommodate people who had lived most of their lives in the local community, but were no longer able or wanting to continue in their own private residence. This need fostered a vision and a determination to provide the resources to meet that need. Crestview Lodge was constructed, and continued to serve the residents of this area for well over 50 years. Circumstances have repeated themselves in more recent times, as again community leaders and others, recognized the need in our community to provide a modern supportive living facility that would meet the current needs of community residents and provide a high standard of facility and accommodation for many years into the future." Hammond thanked the many people involved in developing the project through various boards and committees and at all levels of government. "I look forward to a spectacular ribbon cutting ceremony in the not too distant future as the next milestone in the history of this place, and the life of our community."

George Berry of Berry Architecture

George Berry of Berry Architecture spoke next, pledging to see the project through to completion, including a promise to be there on moving day for the residents.  "Isn't this an exciting day? This is one of the best days that I enjoy about my job."  Berry told the residents he recognized the disruption the project was causing them, but was gently unapologetic.   "I don't make any apologies for that. Because one of the promises that I have made to all of you over the years that I have been working, and it has been years that I have been working with you, is that you are going to get some brand new homes. A new facility that is not a home-like facility, it is home. Everybody is going to have the washrooms that you deserve, the space that you deserve. The sitting areas in your own suites that you deserve." 

"This is a wonderful day. This is a day of celebration, a day of joy." 

"I am ecstatic looking forward to the ribbon cutting day, but your moving day I'll guarantee that I'll be down here to help you physically move into your building. That's one of the promises that I make. I want to come down and help you move from here into your brand new home. It's one of the celebrations I get to have." 

"Not this Christmas, (but) next Christmas, you'll be in your new building, for sure."

Above and below: Everything goes better with cake. (Barb Lloyd photos)

At the conclusion of the speeches a photo-op was held outside, and then the attendees, dignitaries, and residents enjoyed cake and beverages inside.

MLA Pat Stier with MD of Pincher Creek councillor and Pincher Creek Foundation board member Garry Marchuk

MLA Pat Stier with Golden Triangle President James Peloso

Crestview's Constance Robinson serving cake

Crestview's Barb Lloyd serves cake to Town of Pincher Creek councillor Wayne Elliott

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photos C. Davis except where noted

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