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Sunday, August 21, 2016

It’s time to live

Chris Ney - We live each and everyday in a variety of ways, we enjoy family, we work, and we play. We get to spend time with friends when we can, and sometimes we get some peace and quiet when we need it most. There is a man who once lived and was in chains, not for a crime but because he was living this life to the fullest. You might be wondering what was it he was doing I would love to live my life to the fullest, except maybe the being arrested part for doing it. What was he a drug dealer, biker, I mean what was it? The answer is none of the above; he was a follower of Jesus.

Saul was a man of great character, and zeal. He love his religion and life, he loved it so much that he didn’t want anything to come in between what he loved and his perfect life. Then one day he was one his way to get rid of some of the crazy Jesus people and “Bang” something hit him, suddenly he was on his knees talking to a voice around him that he could not see. The voice was asking why are you harming me. That voice broke Saul from his routine of harming those who didn’t believe the way he did to wanting to share his experience with everyone he could.

At first everyone was afraid of him, he even changed his name from Saul to Paul, and had to plead with others to trust him. You see he has gone from chasing these people down to now wanting to be apart of the action. He has gone from wanting religion, to following Jesus and seeing Him face to face. He was in, all in for Jesus.

You see that once you truly see Jesus there is no turning back. You get a glimpse of His glory and there is nothing better. Paul who was now on a different path ended up in jail for only speaking the words of truth, God’s words. He only shared with people the way to eternal life and for that he was in prison. However while in prison he wrote letters to encourage others to fight the good fight and run the race that God has called us to. In Philippians 1:21 Paul writes and says “for me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” Paul understood that no one could take away the joy that Christ had given him. That no one could steal his hope that he has. Paul understood the truth and the truth actually set him free to live an abundant life. A life to the fullest, then over and over again he writes to many people sharing the truth he had found and challenging others to walk in it, to actually live out what God has called us to. To love God, and to love our neighbors, even to love our enemies.

That is what we are called to, to wake up and realize that no matter what we are going through that we are to have joy, love and life in Christ.

Live it out, because of who He is and not who we are, lets work together to advance the Kingdom of God in this place or where ever you are.

If you are looking for family and a place to ignite a passion for Christ I would like to invite you to join us any Sunday at Vertical Church @10:30am @1200 Ken Thornton Blvd

You are loved

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