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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Why would I follow Him?

Pastor Chris Ney - Too often we follow people for the wrong reasons, we follow because they have something to give us, our we go crazy at the mere touch of someone that is famous thinking that is someway it will make us better. Then sometimes we follow people and think we can learn something or even the extreme of thinking they need us to be a part of their lives because I make it some much better.

The funny thing is that I have run into many different people who all act the same way with Jesus, they think that Jesus is lucky to have me or the opposite thought that I will follow Jesus because He will make my life better. The reality is that many have followed Jesus and their life has only gotten harder not easier, some it has even cost them their lives, so with that in mind why would anyone want to follow Him.

He doesn’t make the path easy, He doesn’t give us all we desire here, in fact He often takes things away from us that we really like or enjoy. It has us standing there at the end going why would I want to follow Jesus?, I asked that question many, many times myself before I really got to know Him. It was only when I started looking at Him and not what the world said about Him that He began to reveal Himself to me in ways I couldn’t imagine.

I began to see what all the fuss was about, I began to see that He cared about me by providing food for me, and work. I then began to see that He was providing even more then that as He cared so much about me, not my past, not what I would be but He cared about me right where I was at, so much so He even had the hairs counted on my head. He loved me so much that He would give me the very breath to breathe in my lungs each and every time I breath. It began to shape my thoughts about who He really is, I started seeing Him different, before I thought of Him as a judge and jury who would condemn people to hell. As I looked however I really began to see Him as someone who loved me, someone who beyond all things loved me without condition, except that He wanted my love in return.

He demonstrated His love to the point of giving us His life, I began to see how He stretched out His arms on the cross and took all the payment for my wrongs and in that did not complain, did not try and escape but took it because He loved me, because He loves you. He died so that we could live, and in Him is life, there is freedom, there is hope, there is love. There is love that has not nor will ever been seen again and for me that was enough. That was the point that I had never experienced before, the unconditional love, so I began the journey of then following Him.

Where are you today, are you ready to change the landscape of your life by choosing to follow the one who loves you beyond all measure and gave His life for you. If you are looking for a family to connect with that are all seeking to figure out this journey together as a family I would love to invite you to join us any Sunday at 10:30 am at Vertical Church

You are Loved!!!

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