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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas from Vertical Church

Pastor Chris Ney - Good morning and Merry Christmas to all of you reading this today, we truly wish for you and your family to have the most blessed day ever. We also pray that today will not just be a day of presents under the tree but that you will take the time to remember why we are celebrating anything at all.

Just over 2000 years ago there was a baby born, not just any baby but one that was born of a virgin, who was already supposed to be getting married to someone else. God found her to be worthy and choose to use her to carry His son. As they traveled across the countryside it became time for the baby to be born and there in a barn in Bethlehem, God was born in the flesh, laid in a feeding trough for animals. What a sight at the creator of everything came from heaven to earth to not rule it but give Himself as a way to save it. While all of this was happening angels who announced the birth of this baby visited the shepherds in the fields and the shepherds ran down to see this miracle and fell to their knees in worship. This was not just a sign for the rich or religious but Jesus was a sign for all, the God of all born in a barn and worship by outcast shepherds. I think it is awesome to celebrate such a day, and remember even just for a moment the greatest gift we could ever receive; that is knowing Jesus.

Do you know Him? I mean really know Him, not just in stories or at Christmas and not just in children’s plays but really know Him in a personal way. That baby grew up to be a perfect spotless person who gave Him self-willing to pay the price for all of our wrongs. He gave Himself for all my failings, mistakes, because He loved me, He loves you to and wants to know you as more then a good story. He wants to know you as His child, friend, and brother.

So this morning as you unwrap the presents take some time and think about the real present given to all of us, think about whether you have ever given your life to him and asked for forgiveness, and acknowledged Him as Lord and Savior. If you haven’t today is the day of salvation, if you have my prayer for me and us all is that we will be living examples today of that love before our families and friends. If you are looking for a place to connect and find family I would like to invite you to join us any Sunday at 10:30 am at Vertical Church 1200 Ken Thornton Blvd or call 403-904-0021 or email

You are Loved!!!

Merry Christmas

From all of us at Vertical Church and my family


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