Monday, December 19, 2016

Pincher Creek area photographer Josiah Launstein - more than you expect

I see myself as a messenger speaking up for those not usually heard. Through my lens I don't see animals, I see friends. My neighbours share their homes with me but because of us they're disappearing... and if they go, so do we. - Josiah Launstein

Josiah Launstein and his father John of Launstein Imagery traveled to Thailand for 13 days of intensive Nikon film production in July and August of this year for a film project on Josiah and his wildlife and conservation photography. The Youtube video above has had almost 900,00 views in the days since it was published on December 6.  Josiah is an 11 year old wildlife photographer. The Launstein family lives west of the Oldman River Dam, north of Pincher Creek.

Behind the scenes commentary - Josiah in his own voice

The result is a two minute feature on Josiah and his photography as well as a candid "Behind-the-Scenes" piece with him sharing his passion for wildlife and photography, with additional commentary from John and the director. A Director's Cut is anticipated for the near future, which will be similar to the main eature but will possibly include Josiah narrating instead of the current voice-over, and may include a few scenes that the director preferred to Nikon's choices.

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