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Sunday, January 15, 2017

It’s go time

Pastor Chris Ney - Over the last 16 months my family and I moved to Pincher Creek, and began planting roots here, but more then that really got to know this great community in a variety of ways. There is so much that could be said about this place, the people are awesome, the views are stunning and the wind, well the wind. Through all of that we didn’t just move here because we felt like it, we moved here because we know God called us here to do something here that would make His name known.

It is exciting to have seen so many lives changed over this time, I can remember sitting in the living room of a man as he gave his life to Jesus, and we have watched relationships be restored and all this to say that God is at work here. That is the exciting part for us, as we get the privilege to serve here among great people in a great place.

Today marks the official grand opening of Vertical Church Pincher Creek, there will be cake and Starbucks for everyone and it will be a great time, however there is much more that is happening here then just one day. God is at work in the lives of all of us drawing us near to Him even when we don’t know it. Maybe that is you reading this, have you been reading these each week and getting closer to Him. Could this be the day you decide to stop trying on your own and give everything to Jesus. Maybe you have been a follower of Jesus for years, but have grown tired of the institution and stopped going to church altogether, and you have been reading these each week and are wanting to see God work again. This is the time, it is the time to put the past behind you and step into the future, the church is meant to be a vital part of any community and not just preaching and music. I mean actually being the hands and feet of Jesus serving and loving people unconditionally.

That is why we have moved here, to serve and love in that way. Today marks the first of many gatherings to begin this journey together. Where are you today? Do you know Him? If not today you can know Him by asking Jesus for forgiveness and turning to Him as Lord and Savior and if you do know Him they He is calling you to more, not to stay the same but to grow in Him, and to be light in this place.

I would like to invite you out to our big day and see for yourself what we are about, today at 1030AM, Vertical Church 1200 Ken Thornton Blvd, come as you are, as there is no dress code, but that you are dressed.

You are Loved !

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