Sunday, January 8, 2017

Remembering those affected by Bovine TB - a prayer of lament

Joyce Sasse - We come to you, O God, remembering people who are hurting because of issues around Bovine TB: our ranchers are hurting, their families are hurting, their communities are filled with anxiety and pain.

There is so much uncertainty. Where did the TB come from? How far has it spread? How did it get here? Why do so many animals have to be destroyed when most of them have not even tested positive?

Specialists are struggling to move as quickly as they can, but their understanding and capacity to act has its limitations.

Rancher optimism is being challenged. Even though their industry has no guarantees, they try hard to hold on to having faith for the future – for that is the real gift that You give.

Herds are more than chattels, more than commodities to be sold. While they are raised to be slaughtered for food, they also represent years of careful breeding and thoughtful herd-building.

Hear our Prayer of Lament. Grant the virtues of patience and understanding for those who work through this time of crisis. Whether it be with families, neighbours or the strangers who happen to be specialists in dealing with this disease, remind everyone that humans are subject to limitations. 

Lift our sights that we may be generous, supportive and caring. Give us hope.


Suggestions of some positive things so as to not unravel:

(based on material shared by others who have faced extreme rural distress)
  • Look after the Body: exercise, drink lots of water, use all your senses to affirm your being …
  • Look after your Mind: make priority lists and enjoy the satisfaction of ticking off each item. Make choices about how you breathe, the tone of your voice, the way to move ahead constructively.
  • Look after your Emotions: “a laugh is a good as a flush”. Don’t bottle up. Find ways to share unexpressed feelings of frustration, anger, guilt, bitterness and disappointment.
  • Be still and Refuel: after speaking with God, let God speak with you. That Presence is within reach – through prayer, in scripture, through mentors and advisors, and in the still small voice.

Try to understand how it is that nothing can separate us from the love and grace of God, made known through Jesus, the Christ.

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