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Sunday, February 12, 2017

To be the worst

Pastor Chris Ney - There was a man who was the worst of the worst. He would go around arresting people for what they believed, in fact he would even kill them because they didn’t believe things the way he or his group did. Paul was this man’s name and he just had a real dislike for anyone who disagreed with his religion, even unto death. You would think to our standards that guy should have been in jail yet something happened to him that changed everything.

He was met on a road as he was going to terrorize a group of people he didn’t like and he was stopped in his tracks by a bright light in the middle of the road. Through the light he could hear a voice asking what are you doing? And he answered in fear as he said who are you to this great voice? The voice answered and said it is I Jesus whom you are persecuting. Paul was rocked to the core, and to top it all off he was now blind. Paul would have had so many things running through his mind. Why me, why can’t I see and why would Jesus seek me out when I was killing His people?

Paul regains his sight and starts to learn about truth and about the great love that Jesus has for all people. In the midst of it all he is sent to share this great news to the world. It has radically changed him from a murderer to a man who desires for all people to be forgiven just like he was. For Paul it was easy to be excited to share this good news because he knows how bad he was and he knows how much he was forgiven for. It is also the reason why he would protect the truth and want to preserve it fully.

I think it is a good lesson for the followers of Jesus today, to live like this where we can love everyone but not compromise on truth for the sake of culture. Paul didn’t even in the midst of a crazy place like Ephesus; which was just a haven for criminals, religious people, rich people, politicians, and the very poor. There were so much of people just wanting to do what they wanted that it was crazy. Paul in the midst started a church there that chose to love people as they are all the while teaching the truth of God and His love for them.

The same applies today, we are not Paul, but God has sent us here to start a church that loves everyone right where they are at but will not comprise the truth of the word of God either. It doesn’t have to be an either/or; it needs to be a both/and. Vertical Church is both/and; we are here to create a church that all people would love to attend by eliminating the typical “churchy” stuff and just focusing on loving this awesome community and sharing the truth about Jesus in its entirety. It is not narrow minded it is the greatest love story ever told to man.

Jesus came to save us and free us from the penalty of all our bad choices, He poured out His blood to pay for you and for me. All because He loves you and He loves me. It is not hard just that we need to ask Him for forgiveness and turn to Him as Savior, Lord, friend.

If you know Jesus today; are you living it, do the people around you see Jesus or the world, are you living by truth or by the culture around you?

We are just starting our study through the book of 1 Timothy and it is awesome in teaching us the balance of truth and love, if you are looking for a place to connect I would like to invite you to join us Sunday at 1030am at Vertical Church, 1200 Ken Thornton Blvd

You Are Loved!!

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