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Sunday, March 26, 2017


Pastor Chris Ney - Many of us from time to time love a good mystery movie or even better a really good mystery novel. It has a way of keeping us totally in tuned to what the story is and guessing all the way how it will end. Usually has a bad guy or two and some good guys with one or two characters who you just are not sure of, either way it leaves you with this intense mystery that makes you want to read until the end to find out what happens.

What is really cool is that God is not the same, He easily could have been and a long time ago there were many who desired to and gave their lives to try and find the mystery of the faith. They would give everything just to get a glimpse of God’s plan for His people to restore them in right relationship with Him. People listened to God and heard from God to try and see the mystery that was yet to be revealed. They would get little pieces of it but not the whole picture until the day that Jesus appeared. Then all the pieces began to fall into place and even with Jesus standing right in front of them they still couldn’t see the whole picture, and they still looked to a day when the mystery of their faith would be revealed.

The plot thickened as Jesus grew up and demonstrated more and more of whom He was. The story reaches the climax when they no longer knew what to do with Him and they decided to arrest Him and have him beaten really badly. Wait though the story gets worse, they couldn’t get the answer they were looking for so they decided to kill Him by way of being crucified. Jesus known to some as their Kings was now being nailed to a cross where He would die, people were mocking and shouting until His final breath. At that moment the earth shook and the place was so dark you could not see your hand for a few hours, in that time the anger of God was poured out on Jesus.

Jesus died on that cross and they took Him down and laid Him in a tomb, rolled a very large stone over it and sealed it, plus had guards watching day and night to make sure no one went in. On the third day something happened in the tomb, Jesus who was dead is now alive and gone and the guards who were watching Him seen an angel and were afraid.

With all of this they still did not see the mystery before them, that what just happened was that God gave His son Jesus as the final piece in the plan to restore His people, and make a way for all their wrongs to be right. The blood of Jesus that was poured out for all is the mystery that was being searched for by some many before them; and that asking for forgiveness, and turning to Jesus as Lord and Savior would restore us into a relationship with God. The story ends with God winning, and it ends with those who believe in Jesus spending eternity in heaven with Him. If you don’t believe in Jesus then the story ends with you spending eternity apart from God forever. No party, no middle ground, just endless torment day and night forever.

There is now no more mystery for us, we have to decide to follow Jesus or ourselves, but know that Jesus loves you and He gave Him self up for you. What will you do with Him?

If you are looking for a place to find community come and join us any Sunday morning at 10:30am at Vertical Church

Everyone is invited know matter where they have been or where they are now. Come and be apart of a great family here.

You Are Loved!

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