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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sign of a good leader

Pastor Chris Ney - I have worked for a lot of different people over the years of being in construction. I have been in crews that just loved to hang out and ended up each week getting very little done because the boss was just one of the guys and having fun too, and never wanted to say anything to the guys. I also worked for a guy that always sat in his truck and barked orders, and if you didn’t follow them you were fired, funny enough he couldn’t keep help, and he was the worst paying guy I worked for. Then I had the privilege of working with a guy who was firm and yet had deadlines, but was working with us, and was willing to teach you what you needed to know, the biggest thing we all like about him was he would do whatever needed to be done. He was a good example to us and not only was the boss but was willing to serve us as well. He had a heart of gold!

I didn’t know this until years later about this man but he was a believer in Jesus but he never went to church anymore. I ran into him and we had coffee one day and he began to share his story of how he first decided to follow Jesus, and was in a church, but then he got picked to be on a board, what he saw on the board was a man who had been at the church for a long time and gives a lot calling all the shots even over the Pastor and elders. He walked away trying to talk with him about it but all it got him was yelled at and kicked out. He went on to share the hurt that it caused him and he left. This man was a deacon in the church and had been an elder in the past but really didn’t understand his role as he tried and did rule with authority and dictated to others what was to be done, even the pastor felt like he had to answer to him on what was preached.

Sadly as I have walked following Jesus this is not an uncommon of a story as you might think, where a family or money man runs the church behind the scenes, not always with a bad heart but it doesn’t take long for pride to creep in and destroy and in that we give the enemy a foothold. The reality is that the church should be taking their leadership ques from the head of the church and that is Jesus.

Jesus didn’t lead with His thumb over people, He was a shepherd, and loved His people and in fact loved them so much he was willing to lay down His life for them, and even when He was about to be betrayed, He knelt down and washed the feet of those around Him. That loved ones is exactly how the church should be run today, not with dictators but by men who love God and would serve others and be willing to lay down their lives for those around them. Leadership has been misinterpreted in the church for song long and I am so very glad that God has put servant hearts around us here to just love those who are here and those who are not. The desire is to serve and not rule, and God is at work through it all.

If you are looking for a place to be loved and welcomed into the family we would like to invite you to join us Sundays at 10:30 am at Vertical Church.

There is healing and life in the name of Jesus

You Are Loved!

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