Friday, April 14, 2017

Announcement from Shell Waterton


Shell Waterton Complex is currently preparing for a maintenance turnaround in May. 
Below is a schedule for anticipated traffic and activities for the coming months. We hope to impact our neighbors as little as possible but encourage any feedback if issues or concerns arise.

During the month of April, we can expect an increase in heavy and light traffic flow from Pincher Creek to the complex with marked increase in the last two weeks of the month as we start the pre-shut down phase.
The week of April 17 manpower will increase to about 100 with pre-work activities in full swing.
We will be cutting gas in the last week of April and we can expect increased traffic flow in our field facility areas.

During May we can expect increased traffic flow from Pincher Creek to the complex with peaks during shift changes.
The last week of May we will see traffic start to decline as we start to release some of the contractors and equipment as we near start up at the end of the month.

Post turnaround we can expect heavy traffic as we demobilize.
During this time, we will see a significant manpower reduction.
By the end of June, we should be back to normal operations and traffic flow.

Rod Sinclair
Community Liaison Officer
Shell Waterton Complex
Tel: 403 627 7282

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