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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Good news never gets old

Pastor Chris Ney - Isn’t it always good news when we win some money, or a new truck. What about when we go hunting and get that trophy animal we have been hunting after for years, or maybe even caught a monster fish in the lake that we have been in since we were a kid. Man that is good news, and it travels fast. What about something a little more serious like someone being cured of cancer and getting their whole life back that they had thought they lost. News like that just never gets old, and we never get tired of hearing about it, well unless it is about fish or deer. The point is that good news is just that good news, it lifts our spirits, inspires us, and turn our attention away from the negative and focuses us on what is good. We all could use some more of that every day with how crazy this world can be.

What about that moment when you first realized that you have been forgiven for something you did to someone else, that is good news and brings some relief to our ears. The interesting thing is that to often we tend to really quickly forget our joy or excitement about good news we once heard, and before long we begin to sink back into the patterns of what is normal. We stop telling everyone and before we know it, it is business as usual. The same can happen to our lives in Jesus. 

When we first found a relationship with Jesus we were so excited, and wanted to tell the world. Then day by day the good news about Jesus begins to fade and the world begins to put a lap shade over the bright light that you were once shining. Before to long you find you are not talking to people at all about it. What happened? The good news didn’t change it is still good news, but what happens is we begin to start to settle into new routines, and religion, while all the while starting to forget our first love which is Jesus. This can happen to anyone, in fact it probably has happened to most of us whether we will admit it or not. How do you know you ask? Well its simple, if we truly remembered as we ought, that would truly transform how we lived and through that it would transform not just a city or town but an entire nation. It is time to get back to Jesus being the good news that we desire to tell the world. Why is Jesus such good news?

The answer is simple, Jesus is the good news because He is the one who lived a perfect life, healed the sick, the blind, the lepers, and raised people from the dead. This same Jesus then laid down His life and while being nailed to a cross to hang there and die, He did that for you, so He could stand in your place and mine and take the punishment for you and for me all because He loves you and He loves me. By doing this He became the last sacrifice, and gave us a way to know God and have a personal relationship with God. Jesus did that and that is the best news ever. We can be free in Jesus because of the work He did, and what He ask from us is to look to Jesus and ask Him for forgiveness and acknowledge Him as Lord and Savior of your life and we will be in relationship with Him. Having all we ever did or will do forgiven. Such amazing grace, such amazing love, all from the one who gave it all so we could know Him more. WOW such good news!

If you would like to find out more about the good news we would like to invite you to join us 10:30am every Sunday at Vertical Church 1200 Ken Thornton Blvd, it is a safe place no matter where you have been or where you are now, this good news is for all!

 You are Loved!

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