Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Gossiping about Annora Brown

Annora Brown painting, picture courtesy of Mary-Beth Laviolette
Joyce Sasse - Annora Brown wrote, in her introduction to Old Man’s Garden, that her intention was to “gossip about the flowers of the west” because she wanted to “gather under one cover some of the legend and lore (about them) that is to be found lying in odd corners.”  Now, in our Life & Legacy Project, we want to gossip about Annora Brown. We want to bring together the bits and pieces of her life and lore and memorabilia that made her such an amazing person.

We need, also, to recognize that she could not have made all these great accomplishments on her own. She lived in an amazing place, here in the chinook belt of Southwestern Alberta. And she even loved the wind!

She lived in an amazing time, when encouragement by various groups of women enabled the likes of her to become the persons God would have them be.

She lived in an amazingly diverse community, among those whose differences both touched her and challenged her. Her creativity was given every chance to sprout and grow. She became one of Canada’s National Treasures.

Do you want to overhear more of the gossip? See images of her accomplishments? Do you have a question or an insight that might contribute to the conversation as we try to name her legacy?

A 2017 schedule for gossiping with Joyce about this story is taking shape. Presentations will be made at Crestview Lodge and Vista Village in Pincher Creek, with our “Interpreter of the Foothills” drama at the Waterton Wildflower Festival, and in July at the Waterton United Church with a time of spiritual reflection about Annora Brown & the Blackfoot Connection. Would you like Joyce to visit your class-room, speak with your group, share some of the collected memorabilia? Contact her at

See Annora’s unfolding story on our website

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