Saturday, April 29, 2017

It felt good

Pastor Chris Ney -  Easter Sunday was a blast, tons of people at church together and then family meals, it felt pretty good to have a day like that. Then real life sets back in and we forget that feeling, we go day by day again maybe setting our eyes on the next holiday to come together in a setting like that. I get it, we left thar weekend and the music was awesome, the message was all about Jesus what more could you ask for as a follower of Jesus? Here at Vertical it was a real celebration, and who doesn’t love a good celebration? What happens though when that feeling wears off, life settles in and we look at the idea of going back to church and think man I don’t have time for that?

 Hmm I was once there and I used to always wonder how to fit God into my already busy schedule. It is tough, but you now wondering if it is worth it and if it really makes a difference? I am sure glad you asked that as we are going to look at that a bit this week. In short the answer is YES it is worth it; and by the way we celebrate like that every Sunday

Gal 5:16 says this “walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh.” What does this have to do with being at church with people? Again I’m glad you asked because it actually has a lot to do with being at church with family. It has a lot to do with thinking we are ok to do this on our own or that we were even meant to, early on they gathered together all the time with each other, but why? They gathered for a few reasons, for teaching, preaching, prayer, each other, and strengthening in the Lord for the battle that is going on. The reality is that being gathered together does actually demonstrate to some degree where your heart is for God. See we can say we love God but if we don’t love His children then do we really, also if we truly loved God then giving up a hour and a half one day a week would be the minimum sacrifice not the major one. We get making excuses when life gets in the way but really it isn’t life getting in the way it is our flesh that we are at war with. It is the Spirit inside of the believer that is at war with the desires of what we want. What we want we make time for, lets be real for a minute. When something is a priority we go above the norm to make it happen but when it isn’t we tend to make excuses for it and put it on the back burner. We choose to walk in the flesh and not in the Spirit. The greatest demonstrations of what has our hearts is simple it is this; what do we do with our time, wallets, minds, and affections. We have no problem spending any of these on the things we love and sharing them on Facebook but when it comes to our faith WHOOA don’t go there. Are we then really walking by the Spirit of God that is in us?

The answer is no, we are not. We have chosen to walk in the flesh because it feels better and suits our lives and then wonder where God is. In turn it was never God who left us it is us who walk from Him and made ourselves our own gods. I know this article sounds like it is being tough but lets face it sometimes we all need a kick in the pants to get moving, the life of following Jesus isn’t all roses and butterflies. This is only being written like this because I love you guys and want nothing more to see a community transformed by the power of the gospel. Can you imagine a town with no more drugs, abuse, and how that would change not just here but a province, a country. It will not happen if we always do what we have always done loved ones. We need to stop living as if this means nothing and we need to start living as this means everything, because it does. You are the living example of Jesus that people will see, we have the Holy Spirit living in us, let us start to live like that. Let us be a people that read His word, we are on our knees, and we are showing our neighbours and friends that sacrificing a Sunday morning is so very little compared to what it cost Jesus for us to be free in Him. He did all the work, suffered bled and died so that we could be free. It is never to late loved ones to change and run after God, stop sitting on the fence and join the battle. We know who wins and we are on His team lets start new today and give everything to Him. If you don’t know Jesus as Lord and Savior it is never to late. No matter where you have been, or what you have done Jesus has paid the debt for it all and what He asks from you where you are today is to ask Him for forgiveness and turn to Him as Lord and Savior and you will be free, and have your debt paid. There is hope in Jesus, love in Jesus and best of all there is life in Jesus.

You are invited to join us any Sunday morning, 10:30 am at Vertical Church for more about what this life could look like or even if you are just trying to find family. This is the place where you will find that.

Tough one today maybe but know that you are loved.

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