Tuesday, April 25, 2017

MD of Pincher Creek council holds off on Chamber of Commerce membership decision

Christian Davis - At their April 11, 2017 regular meeting, council for the MD of Pincher Creek heard from a delegation of Pincher Creek and District Chamber of Commerce representatives Sam Schofield (President) and Ola Crook (Administrator), who asked council to consider purchasing a membership, at a cost of $265.

During discussions about the issue at council's April 25 meeting councillor Terry Yagos indicated he was opposed to the idea, explaining he believed council should remain at arms-length from such organizations and would have a hard time committing to having a representative attend Chamber meetings given the number of meetings councillors already attend.  Councillor Garry Marchuk indicated he was in favour of the MD purchasing a membership.  Councillor Fred Schoening asked for more information about funding the Chamber already receives from the MD.  A motion to receive the request as information failed.  Councillor Marchuk then made a motion for the MD to become a member, whether or not it committed to sending a representative to all the Chamber meetings.  Councillor Yagos suggested a friendly amendment to purchase a membership as a non-attendee at meetings, to which councillor Marchuk responded that the MD should commit to attending some of the meetings.  Reeve Brian Hammond reminded council of their recent decision to abstain from membership in the Oldman Watershed Council, to keep the MD at arms-length, and said he thought the MD should consider that decision as it might apply to this one.

Ultimately, council decided to follow the path councillor Schoening suggested, and councillor Marchuk's motion to purchase a membership was tabled until council's next regular meeting so that administration can inform council about its current total annual contributions to the Chamber.

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