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Sunday, April 16, 2017

The biggest day in history

Pastor Chris Ney - What day do you think of when someone asks you what was the biggest day in history? Some will say the end on WWI or WWII, other will say when my team won the championship for the first time ever. It gets celebrated with grand parties and parades, as the people from all over cheer for the victory. The problem is in all these cases that victory had its price, sacrifice, toll of people. I am not comparing war to sports, and we all no there are no winners in war. The reality is that there is a lot loss in any victory.

Today represents both loss and victory, it was at a great loss for God that He gave His only son as a sacrifice for all man so that we could be forgiven for our sin. To think that the God who is Holy, full of splendor and wonder would sacrifice His son so that we could have a way to have a relationship with Him and bridge the gap between us and Him. He sent His son Jesus to pay for every wrong that you and I did and God poured out every bit of punishment on His son while on the cross because He loves us. Jesus was willing to be put on a cross, mocked, beaten and killed because He loves us. It is incredible to think for a moment on just that. Jesus gave himself as payment for you and for me so we wouldn’t have to pay the price all because of love. There while on that cross Jesus died and the wrath of God was satisfied as every wrong that has every been was cast on Him.

The wrath of God was put on Jesus and as His blood was poured out, it paid the penalty for all of us if we ask Jesus for forgiveness and turn to Him as Lord and Savior. He will forgive us all our wrongs and with open arms welcome us into His family. How can He do that if He is dead you ask? I am glad you asked because that is the greatest day in history, that three days after Jesus died, God raised Him to life and declared victory once and for all over sin, death, hell and the grave. Jesus paid it all and has already won the battle, we know how it finishes and now we get to on a day like this, this Easter Sunday we get the privilege of celebrating the greatest day in history as Jesus triumphed over it all and is now calling us to be a part of His family. What an awesome Savior!!!

What about you this today, are you tired of doing it on your own, are you tired of fighting a battle you were never meant to fight. Today is the day that you can choose to ask Jesus for forgiveness and turn to Him for victory. If you already know Him then are you celebrating Him.

We would like to invite you to join us for our Easter Celebration 10:30am at Vertical Church. What a place to find comfort for your soul and family here to connect with.

You are Loved!

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