Sunday, May 7, 2017

Letter to the Editor - Use of Canada 150 logo


D. Gray - On the Town’s website recently, I noticed the Canada 150 logo on the Town’s official Logo. Many of those town logos are without the Canada 150 wording under the leaf. This is a legal requirement as stated on the Government of Canada’s website.

“The Canada 150 logo can be used in many different ways. In all cases, the words CANADA 150 must accompany the maple leaf logo.”

Why would a legal requirement not be respected by the Town’s Economic Development Department, Town Administration and Council?

In fairness, maybe the Town did apply sometime. However, the Town Administration, Council and Economic Development are required by law to wait until permission is granted with an official signed agreement. That is not reflected in the town’s meeting minutes or in any media stream.

Where is the transparency?

Government of Canada’s website clearly states, "the Canada 150 logo and the Canada 150 typeface may be used at no charge, if permission is first obtained from the Government of Canada” by following the instructions below:

Any individual or authorized representatives of organizations or companies can apply to use the logo for commercial or non-commercial use. For the purposes of applying for the use of the Canada 150 logo, 'commercial use' is defined as: a) the reproduction of the logo on wares offered for sale or distribution, or b) the display of the logo in association with a company’s corporate look.

The Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages will enter into a license agreement for any approved use of the Canada 150 logo that is deemed to be for commercial purposes.

Is this just another situation where our elected officials and public servants of the Town of Pincher Creek do what they want?

All I can say for now on this matter is …  OH CANADA!

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