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Sunday, July 30, 2017

A time to heal, part 1

Pastor Chris Ney - It has been a while since I have taken the time to pen some words; it has been a tougher season for us then I could have ever imagined. It has been full of hurts, pain, but in it all God has shown Himself to be more then faithful. He has also shown Himself to be in the midst of the pain and hurt. He has revealed Himself in the darkness and the places you hope for when they come. I would have never expected to have gone through all of this but I am sure glad I have. I have learned so much about myself for better and worse; but I have also come to learn more about the people around me, and really have had the time to evaluate what matters. The Bible tells us there is a season for everything, tears, pain, mourning, joy, laughter, and healing and until you are in a place to need it you cant really explain it.

I have spent most of my time as a follower of Jesus walking around learning about God and who He is, but rarely experienced His love or His healing hands. I have preached on it and proclaimed the truth of it because it was easy to stand on the Bible being totally true and yet rarely had to really lean on Him. This season has been different and has changed this man in ways I could not have imagined. I was in a place where I let ministry, and business take over my life and missed my wife and family in the process for years. This has taken its toll on us and I finally had to make a change. It was in this where I literally could have lost it all that I had to lay down everything that I had been working so hard to achieve and try and see through the fog what was really important and what wasn’t. I was putting work ahead of family, I was putting up walls to allow myself the ability to forge a head no matter the cost, I mean I am working for God right. In the end of it I could make all the excuses in the world for doing what I was but none of them really mattered.

God met me when I was at my lowest point and for the first time I knew a different side of God then I had ever known. I started to really feel His presence and sense His love. It was a place that you can talk about and preach about all you want but until you experience it, it is just words. Just to make things clear I am not taking about rolling on the floor or foaming at the mouth, nothing like that at all, what I am talking about is a real encounter with the creator of the universe and in that moment there is nothing you want to do but be there. God began at that moment to heal this broken man and put the pieces back together the way He wanted to.

Next week I will get a little deeper into this journey and what God has been doing, but this week I just wanted you to begin to see that the God we talk about is a living Father, who loves you more then you could ever imagine. In fact He loves you so much that He gave His son as a sacrifice for us, to pay the debt for all the wrong we have ever done and will do so that if we would just turn to Him and confess Jesus as Lord and believe God has raised Him from the dead you will be free from the penalty of our wrongs and have abundant joy in Him. He only did this because He wants to have a relationship with you and me, He made a way to wipe out all of our debt which cost Him His son on the cross. If you know Jesus take the time to get to know Him more, and if you do not know Jesus take this time please I urge you to ask Him for forgiveness and turn to Him, He is so awesome and loving beyond anything you can imagine and He is wanting to know you and walk with you.

The next few weeks you will see just how amazing the Father is, and if this is something that hits home for you please reach out and contact me at, I would love to do coffee with you and share more.

You are loved far more then you can ever know

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